True Story — How Happy & Flipkart made the Flipkart Kids ads

The Happy Team that worked on the Flipkart ads

Discover the story behind the famous No Kidding No Worries ad films and how the Flipkart-Happy partnership made Brand Flipkart a national sensation

Flipkart. And Happy. One was an e-commerce startup poised to take India by storm. The other was a madly irreverent creative ad agency whose disruptive flair and prodigious success had caught the attention of advertising sages across the country. Destiny threw them in bed together. And from their turbulent and inexorable conjugation were born the Flipkart Kids.

Dubbed ‘No Kidding No Worries’, the Flipkart Kids campaign made advertising history. The ads were funny and memorable. They started conversations. And they sealed the deal when it came to brand recall.

But what made them tick? Who were the creative and marketing brains behind these hugely popular TV commercials.

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