A User’s Experience with the Flipora/Rover Mobile Phone App

The new Flipora smartphone application, now called Rover, curates content specific to your interests and provides a platform for you to share it easily with friends.

Available for free download via Android and iPhone, the recently rebranded Flipora app relies on machine learning algorithms and human expertise to provide stories just right for you. After downloading the app, the user is presented with eight topic options, which can be edited later.

After selecting Home Decor, Music, and Sports, a feed delivers the latest articles from www.bhg.com, music updates from www.factmag.com and www.spin.com, and news from www.cbssports.com. This simple feed includes a headline and photo that you can comment on or “like.” After clicking on an article, the user can swipe right to “like” a story or share the content via email or social media such as Facebook and Twitter. After swiping left to return to the feed, the user is presented with queries aimed at further tailoring the content.

After connecting with Facebook, Rover identifies people with mutual interests. A one-touch on a person starts following him or her and generates a profile that enables you not only to see the state in which he or she lives but also his or her number of followers, interests, and “likes,” as well as how many people he or she is following. Scanning that person’s news feed will show what he or she has commented on and “liked.”

The content aggregation snowballs from there, with every touch and click providing Rover with additional information about what satisfies your curiosity.