Dear men,

now you have to be very strong. The statement “The size doesn’t matter” is a lie! A big, a giant lie. False and scurrilous. It’s the same like saying “Men don’t like big boobs. Really!” or “The inner values are just important”. All the bullshit. Of course, the size counts!

Half sausage vs. Eiffel tower

So that you don’t start crying: We don’t want a whale penis in our bed! We want a solid mediocrity. Not too big, not too short. It has something to do with the “key-lock principle”: We just want somebody who fits perfect in such a way that we don’t have a feeling sitting on a rubber or to fuck towards the next perineal laceration.

That makes it tricky because it’s a such an individual matter. Finally, women don’t type in FlirtNOW which “volumetric capacity” their tight “sunshine” has. You notice only when it comes down to it and before that it comes either to the “Whoa” or the “Ohh…” moment. I know, for both a bad situation.

Draw the short straw

I have to think about this Sex and the City episode where Samantha falls in love for the first time in her life and finds out that her dream man is standing right at the bottom for the penis award. There is nothing worse than, really. Sex is important even in a relationship and if the woman just has the question “Is he already in?” in her mind, it becomes pretty difficult. Either you have to live with that and you find other vehicles and ways or in according to John Lennon you “let it be”. In this case, men draw the short straw.

With push-up-bra and so on women definitely have the better choices to cheat at least at the beginning. And boobs really don’t play a big role during a sexual act. They are not crucial for the satisfaction.

Too little is silly, but much too

By the way there is this other extreme: The XXL format! It’s unattractive as well as the XS performance and is often connected with pain. Of course, the first impression represents masculinity but if the woman for fear of “one-eyed snake” cramps, nobody has fun.

To sum it up: Of course the size counts! But not in the sense that we girls all favoring an Eifel tower between our legs. Quite the contrary: We just want that it fits! And something that fits lies in the eye (or hands) of the beholder.

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