I wouldn’t say it’s always good to be single. Once the exploration time is over, we all want to find the right partner, build a house, start a family…BUT nobody can force it. So accept that you’re single, not forever, but for now, and enjoy the hell out of it!

Some of you might think that I try to sugarcoat being single. But I’m not. Being single has a lot of advantages. Probably it might take you quite a while to be happy by yourself. But someone who can’t enjoy life on his own, comes from the mindset of scarcity. He won’t ever be able to provide value in a relationship, because he sees relationships as a source of energy he can tap into, so he will always search to be in a relationship, no matter of the quality. By doing that, both partners can’t be happy, since they try to reap energy from one another, instead of coming from a mindset of abundance and provide value. And that is the problem 99% of all people experience. They cling to their unhappy relationships and surrender to their fate, instead of trying out new things, find what kind of person really fits to them, to whom they would like to provide value from abundance and wouldn’t need to expect anything in return, because it makes them happy to do just that.

It might sound mundane, but don’t be sad about people who don’t want to be with you anymore, fantasizing about how it would be like if you were together. Instead live in the now! The best thing about it — you are free to do what you want and find out what’s best for you. You can pursue your dreams, chill out, hang around with friends, get to know new people and wear whatever you want. You can flirt, hook up, find your sexual preferences without justifying anything. You can be sad, angry, excited or just happy…just act how you feel.

Especially if you are out of a long-term relationship, you probably forgot what your core personality really is and how you can generate good feelings without a partner. That is a time of adversity that leads to great opportunities. You can outsource things like talking with your partner to your friends, learn to cook by yourself and go out without any intentions with someone from a different sex and aside of that, get yourself a friendship with benefits to even outsource sex if you like that. Only then you can be fully independent and abundant, instead of needy and scarcity driven. That is a state where you can choose a partner instead of taking something that is just convenient, available or forced upon you. That is a chance to find your true love and a partner you have a great sexual chemistry with.

And if you are about to search your love and aren’t in the mood to go on bad dates from dating apps, where people don’t look at all like they present themselves on their picture or profile, but want to experience the core of their personality from the start, just as if you met in a theatre, library, holidays or supermarket, go to FlirtNOW, subscribe and get in line when it is about to start.

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