The First Day of the Rest of Your Life

Starts now.

Today holds for you a great opportunity to live your life with intention, with purpose. So many of us aimlessly, even robotically, move through our day, allowing it to control us and to heed its every beck and call. Let’s do something different right now. Right now? Yes, right now, because this moment is the only moment we have.

Think about what a great life means to you. Write it down. Now bring that beautiful big picture into focus by describing in detail everything you said makes a great life. For example, if you wrote “my greatest life is one where I have freedom and control of my schedule, travel the world, and spend time with the love of my life.” That’s pretty and maybe even inspiring, but it’s also very vague. So, you need to define “freedom,” making sure you truly define what it means to you and not simply write something that you think would get you an “A” on an English paper. Does “freedom” mean having enough money to pay your living expenses with a certain dollar amount ever available for your pleasure? Does it also mean being able to work and relax on a schedule that serves you in a way that you can accomplish the other aspects of your definition of a great life? All of these things must be thought out and defined so that your unconscious angel can go to work on them for you!

We’ll get into this more at another time. Or not. Because part of my great life picture is having the freedom to explore and write about ideas of my choosing, as often or as little as I please!

Make it a great day.