Cadbury — #SayItWithSilk — A Social Media Case Study

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Jul 6, 2015 · 3 min read




Objectives of the Campaign:

The social media campaign “Say It With Silk” for the brand Cadbury (Dairy Milk Silk) had following objectives:

  • To connect with the target audience during the Valentine week and recruit new users for the chocolate in the Valentine week. To engage the audience across social media and promote the chocolate. To build a rapport of the brand in the market.

Strategy of the Campaign:

  • To engage the audience with the brand and promote Cadbury Silk for increasing the sales during the Valentine week, the brand came with a video commercial which was uploaded on YouTube one week prior to the Valentine week. The video showcased a couple’s hand for trying to grab Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk. It was done to create an atmosphere of love around the chocolate. A simple contest on Twitter was planned to encourage more people to participate in the campaign. The brand asked fans how would they recreate everyday situations into special Valentine’s day stories. The brand decided to give the interesting one’s Silk hampers. The users were also asked to share their plans for the valentine day and the brand will convert them into doodles; and will share them back on Twitter.

Key Creatives of the Campaign:

Make everyday stories spcial this V-day! Tell us what you would do differently and we will give you a customized doodle!


— CadburyDairyMilkSilk (@cadburysilk) February 6, 2015

Videos of the Campaign:

Results of the Campaign:

The results of the social media campaign — #SayItWithSilk were:

  • People engaged with the brand and participated in huge numbers. The video advertisement for the chocolate garnered more than 75K views in just few days of the upload. People participated in the twitter contest to share their valentine’s plan and get chocolate hampers from Cadbury.

What worked in the Campaign:

After analyzing the complete case study of the social media campaign #SayItWithSilk, here are the following key points which we felt worked very well for the campaign.

  • The video commercial showcasing the hand worked really well. Rather than showcasing the couple, the hands became common for every couple. People engaged with the video and even shared it among their loved one across various social media platforms. The contest on Twitter garnered huge number of new followers for the brand. The concept of the contest was indeed a good one. Generally people are very excited for the Valentine’s Day. They have already booked parties, dinners, movies and a lot. So when they were asked to share the same, they became real enthusiast for the same and participated in the same.

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