Flipkart introduces an ‘Image Search’ feature for its app

Love you friend’s trendy new dress? Saw a beautiful dress on a model in a magazine? Now you can simply click a photo of the dress and search for it with the new ‘Image search’ feature on Flipkart’s mobile app.

Flipkart recently announced the launch of the new feature, which will allow users to upload an image, clicked on their phones and the use the same to find visually similar products (products of the same colour, pattern or style) on Flipkart.

Flipkart has been working to improve the customer experience for its users. Leo James, Product Manager of Mobile Apps, said in a blog, “Describing something that you have seen can be a tricky task. And when it comes to products of fashion, you are deeply connected to things that you have seen.” This inspired a user survey, the results of which led to the conceptualization of the new feature by Flipkart.

“By leveraging inbuilt device capabilities like the camera, users can now search for fashion products, close to what they’ve seen — just by clicking a picture. The new feature is a big step that attempts to bridge offline to online experience in the fashion space.” James said.

Flipkart’s Chief Product Officer Punit Soni said, “Discovering a fashion product online varies from user to user and is more complex as compared to other categories. A lot of fashion purchase decisions are influenced by similar products seen by users. The image search feature provides a way to find similar products on Flipkart as well as reduces the search/ browsing time, making the overall product discovery and shopping experience simple.”

Soni further added, “This is in line with our ambition to create a very intuitive thoughtful mobile experience that is universally accessible to everybody, regardless of whether they use text or visuals to communicate with us.”

The Image search feature, which is currently in the beta stage of development, will be available to customers through an app upgrade. The mobile app dominates the total visits on Flipkart as more than 75% users log on to the platform using their smartphones. These numbers ensure that there will be more such innovative features and developments in the coming months from the e-Commerce company.

Originally published at flotapepost.com.

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