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The Prime Minister of India, Mr Narendra Modi envisaged the uprising of an era in which India would not only be ready for the Digital Age, but would be among the leaders of the digital rat race. This vision has resulted in the manifestation of the Government’s Digital India Programme to turn India into a digitally empowered society and ready for a knowledge future. The Digital India Programme is an Umbrella Programme which encompasses many departments and projects like Digital India Platform (DIP), the “Innovate for Digital India Challenge“,DigiLocker, eBasta, e-Hospital, the National Scholarship Portal.

In order to inspire children and youth of the country to be a part of the Digital India Programme, a Digital Wellness Online Challenge (DWOC) had been organised to be run in the first week of July. It is one of the many initiatives being implemented during the Digital Week. Owing to the tremendous response from the audience, the last date for Digital Wellness Online Quiz has now been extended to 17th July, 2015.

What is the Digital Wellness Online Challenge?

The Digital Wellness Online Challenge is an initiative that aspires to make children and youth all across India, aware of how they can maintain Digital Wellness by taking informed decisions and become safe, respectful and responsible users of digital technology.

The challenge has been designed as a fun-filled online quiz that comprises of two types of questions. The first type is knowledge-based questions to provide information and the second type is scenario-based questions which will encourage the participants to think, decide, and choose an action that would ensure their online safety and security

The DWOC is intended to be a fun way to train children on building Digital Wellness and protecting themselves from threats often faced in cyber space.

Objectives of the Digital Wellness Online challenge

The DWOC aims to ensure that participants

  • Develop an understanding of Digital Wellness and its importance
  • Become familiar with terminology used for various cyber threats
  • Identify the dangers lurking in the online world such as such as Cyber Bullying, Cyber predators, Gaming Addiction, Identity theft, Copyright Infringement and Plagiarism, Malware.
  • Understand the steps they can take to protect themselves and others from cyber threats
  • Know what to and what not to do when they are online
  • Gain the required knowledge of cyber safety, cyber security, and cyber ethics that enables decisions

Who can take part in the Digital Wellness Online Challenge?

Digital Wellness Online Challenge (DWOC) is an online quiz open for all children from class 6 to class 12 across India. Each participant will get a participation certificate and there will be 4 winners declared from each state and Union Territory.

How to apply for the Digital Wellness Online challenge?

  • The entire process for the DWOC is online and automated. For applying to the DWOC, students need to go to and fill in all the details on the form displayed submit the same.
  • After submission the next page will show the student ID. Students should note this ID for future reference.
  • The quiz has two levels. The first level uses MCQs to assess the participants. If a participant submits ALL correct answers for all the questions in this level, she/he is directed to the second level which consists of a qualitatibve question.
  • The students will be asked 10 questions in a Multiple Choice Question format. The student can select from the options in each question and will be instantly informed if the answer is correct or not.
  • After finishing the 10 questions the screen will show the result of the test; if the student scores less than 10 then an option for a certificate of participation to be printed and/ or downloaded to be printed later would appear on the screen.
  • If the student scores full marks, then he/she will move to the second level with the qualitative question. After filling in the answer and submitting it then an option for a certificate to be printed and/ or downloaded to be printed later would appear on the screen.

What are the areas/topics on which questions will be asked in the quiz?

The quiz will test the participants’ knowledge and awareness of the following areas:

  • Cyber Safety: This area focuses on practices that keep us safe in our online interactions and minimize the risks of being harmed by the dangerous behaviour of others such as cyber-bullying, cyber-stalking, identity theft and more.
  • Cyber Security: The protection of computer systems, devices and networks from unauthorized access or misuse by others.
  • Cyber Ethics: refers to appropriate, responsible and ethical online behaviour that governs all our interaction with other Internet users

How will the finalists be chosen?

Finalists will be chosen from the participants who complete the second level of the quiz. In case of a tie/ equal scores, an independent review committee will decide the winners based on their responses in the second level. 4 participants (2 girls and 2 boys) per state who are chosen as finalists will be declared as the Digital Safety Champions and invited to the Digital India Week Grand Event.

The National e-Governance Division will reimburse minimum III AC travel fare for the travel of all 4 children and the adult escort to National Event, and will host then during the Digital India Week celebration event.

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