City Hacks: Help Others, Help Yourself

Let’s get some more girl-on-girl action!

This article isn’t about what you might be thinking. Get your head out of the gutter, pervs! What it is about is girls helping girls. And even boys helping boys. Hell, it’s even about girls helping boys and boys helping girls. I think you get what I mean now, don’t you?


I’m not sure what it is about people’s innate inclination to put others down instead of building them up, but it has to stop. You know the saying, “What goes around comes around,” (@JustinTimberlake)? Well, that’s a perfect coin for my ideas here.

Instead of writing off another writer, model or musician as “untalented,” or “not good enough,” why not encourage them? Share the new articles, pictures and music they’ve published. There are few things in this world more important than creating and fostering relationships with others, especially when it comes to your professional reputation. No one wants to be known as the individual who can’t share the spotlight or shine it on someone else.

In fact, based on personal experience, sharing and boasting about other people’s accomplishments can be just as rewarding as promoting your own. Moreover, it could also help you. Think about it. The more you share other people’s work, the more others will help you out in return. It could even turn into a great partnership or collaboration opportunity, and who doesn’t love a team-effort?

One thing to remember though, avoid sharing work for your own, selfish reasons. If you do that, you’re missing the whole point of this article. You should share work that you genuinely like and think your followers or friends would enjoying reading, seeing or listening to. Your social media “brand” is just as crucial an element to your reputation as your spoken word. So don’t clog it with sporadic attacks or mixed-messages. Find a niche and work with that.

Maybe the saying, “Good vibes only,” isn’t just great on your accent-pillow or t-shirt. Try making that your daily motto. Look at Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, they have nothing but positive feedback and support for one another. And neither of their careers are suffering because of it, imagine that!

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