It’s Time to Start Filtering Your Social Media

Do you ever want to get a job?

Here’s the thing: You’re an adult now. As such, it’s time to start thinking about what content you do and don’t share on your various social media pages. After all, you plan on getting a job and moving out of your parent’s basement someday, right?

If you can scroll through your Facebook photos and find more than one picture of yourself doing a keg-stand, I’m talking to you. You know who you are…


Believe me, I fought against this for a long time. “But, who cares? I’m in my twenties!” Chill. You can still get hammered every weekend. No one is saying you have to give up the dream of being classy Leo DiCaprio drinking in a tuxedo…


Even though, let’s get real, when you drink you’re about as “classy” as this dude at the party…


The point is, whether you’re suave-as-hell Leo D., or the guy passed out on the couch who smells like vomit and has a cock drawn on his face in permanent marker, I’m not saying you necessarily have to change your drinking habits (more on that in another article). What I am saying is that it behooves oneself to keep some things out of the public eye.

We could get into setting your accounts to private, not friending people you work with, and a whole sub-genre of social media censoring, but what I’m talking about is far more simple. It’s about realizing that you’re now an actual, functioning member of society and that you will inevitably be judged by the content you promote on your social media platforms — and not just by potential employers.


In this day and age what you share speaks to the kind of person you are, whether that is a fair and accurate depiction or not — it’s what people see. And, sure, it’s fun to rage while you’re still young, but not at the cost of your image, or closing doors of opportunity for yourself.

So have fun, raise a glass, do it responsibly, or don’t…but whether it’s now or later, you’re going to end up untagging yourselves from the less flattering moments of inebriation.

You’re going to end up realizing that it matters what you share. So save yourself some time and get cracking on it now. Your future self with thank you.

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