Potential Songs On Taylor Swift’s Next Album

Just Another Picture to Burn…

As you’ve heard by now, Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris have split. They met backstage at the Brit Awards after Taylor had been split from Harry Styles for two years. They spent the night dancing, holding hands, and being completely wrapped up in each other.

This is how most of their relationship would go on. They were together for 15 months. According to People Magazine, no one cheated and they are still on good terms. So, what was the problem?


Taylor Swift is known for her outgoing personality, diva squad, and obnoxious dance moves. On the other hand, Calvin Harris is more quiet, private, and reserved. Perhaps Taylor’s fame and success was too much for Calvin.

According to a People’s Swift source, Calvin was intimidated by her success and Tay saw the break-up coming. It could have been their age difference and background that tore them apart. According to the Harris source, Taylor lacks real-life experience and they will not be getting back together.


Regardless of what went down, there is sure to be an album coming soon for our dear Tay. Any ideas on potential song titles? I think we can think of a couple…

1. Your Love’s Not Deepur
Tay’s BFF Gigi starred in Calvin’s “How Deep Is Your Love” music video… awk.

2. With My Calvins On
Only Calvin that’ll be in her bed anymore.

3. Once Upon An Award Show
They seem to have a thing for award shows.

4. What Did You Come For?
Tay moves on… *Lightning strikes*.

5. You Didn’t Need My Love
Ellie Goulding even had something to do with introducing these two.

6. Hey Mr. DJ
Drop the beat.

7. A Harris Situation
Harry to Harris, real quick.

8. Great Scott(land)
Taylor really has searched the world for true love.

9. I Knew You Were Intimidated …
When you walked in.

10. Back to Britain
Tay says sorry… And she goes back to Britain every time.

Good luck to both of you as you go back to the single life!

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