Why the Internet Needs to Stop With “Donald Trump Will Never Be President” Articles

Because he actually might be.

I’ve considered deleting my Facebook numerous times this election season. Scrolling through a feed full of pro-Hillary and pro-Bernie articles is enough to make any serious Republican reconsider social media.

However, what really gets me is the overwhelming sharing of pieces like the one here… and here…and here…and here, all stating that Trump will never be president. Because, realistically, he just might be.

Lots of Democrats and even some Republicans will tell you that there is absolutely no way in hell a man like Donald Trump would ever be elected president of the United States.

A year ago those same people would have told you Trump wasn’t a serious candidate at all, that his campaign was a joke and he was too controversial and outspoken to even make it past the primaries.

Look where we are now, with Trump as the eventual Republican nominee. He’s proven his doubters wrong to this point. So what makes them think he won’t keep going?

What the people writing these articles are also forgetting is that while to them, yes, voting for someone like Trump is completely unfathomable, others think the same about other candidates.

So many people so passionately dislike Trump that they forget there are people who feel that passionately about supporting Trump.

The numbers are definitely looking promising for Trump as well. Helmut Norpoth, an extremely respected and accurate statistician and political science professor at Stony Brook University, create a statistical model that according an article on usnews.com has correctly predicted the outcome of every election (except for 1960) since 1912.

This model reported that if Trump wins the Republican nomination (which he most likely will) that there is a 97 to 99 percent chance that Trump will win his spot in the White House. If 104 years of accuracy isn’t enough to convince you of the reality of Trump as POTUS, you must be Lena Dunham.

I get that you may be blind to the fact that an outrageous amount of people support Trump, but you can’t deny the numbers. Trump might as well have his seat in the Oval Office reserved. All of these articles you’re reading are written extremely biased by Democrats only looking at morals, political correctness, and fellow anti-Trump voters. They aren’t looking at the numbers.

We all need to get used to the fact that Trump is quite likely to be running our country for the next four years.

Originally published on FlockU.com

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