Right keywords, right context

The foundation to acquire, serve and nurture audiences on social media is to find the right keywords.

Flockrush TrueSearch(TM), is a true innovation in contextual content search which significantly improves content discovery, monitoring performance and customer engagement opportunity detection.

Brand name ambiguity can create a distinct competitive disadvantage -Google can far more easily monitor and analyze social media data than can Apple because Google is never ambiguous whereas Apple is very ambiguous

TrueSearch(TM) is an artificial intelligence based technology which cleanses the noise from the signal to deliver only relevant content. It goes beyond current state-of-art signal extraction techniques of categorization, enrichment and keyword filtering using boolean logic. Using artificial intelligence we can improve data cleanliness by 99%+. Significantly cleaner data results in reducing support costs and missed opportunities.

This key innovation is especially beneficial if your brand name is an ambiguous term. e.g. Apple, Delta Airline, Edge Shaving cream, Excel gum, Ford Explorer etc.

TrueSearch(TM) capabilities can add value by:

  • Eliminating ambiguity in search keywords. As an example when looking for content and conversations on ‘apple’ seeds, TrueSearch(TM) will remove 99%+ data which is out-of-context, like ‘apple’ the brand, ‘apple’ the fruit etc.
  • Identifying relevant tweets e.g. in case of Delta Airlines who declared that it would reply to every customer tweet within one hour. It will be easy if all customers use the Delta handles “@Delta” or “@DeltaAssist” in their tweets. Our testing shows 87% of tweets do not use the “@” out of which 31% represent missed engagement opportunities.
  • Finding all relevant content and conversations where semantic keyword variances are being used by the authors like small business is spelled as small biz, or sml business etc.

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