#1 : I Dare you to be You

Being a young black woman you find more insecurities than confidence. you see how you’re being portrayed in the world either as a nappy headed girl from the ghetto or fake white wannabe. There is no happy medium.

Everyday I use to ask myself some very discouraging questions. Why can’t I have long hair? Why can’t the cute boys chase after me? Why can’t I be pretty? Why can’t I be loved? For years I asked myself these things. And the only possible answer I could come up with is

“you’re an ugly black girl.”

And later on I found out it’s because I didn’t love myself. Everyday I was portraying someone else instead being me. So, I decided to transform into the person I wanted to be.

At the end of my eighth grade year I cut off all of my chemically damaged hair. I wore braids almost all of my freshman year. When my hair got long enough I took down the braids and wore my hair natural. The response I got was unbelievably positive. I just loved it. I made new friends. Even got my first boyfriend. I finally loved myself. From that little spark of confidence I became happier and continued to evovle into the beautiful person I am today.

-Queen Floetica

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