We’re making history with Hillary

Can we return to the issue of a contract?

I am sick to death of not having a contract — specifically, not having a rasie for over four years. I stopped going to grad school because A) I couldn’t afford it and B) Though I enjoy learning, one of the purposes was moot since I wouldn’t get a raise for becoming a senior career teacher. No raises is also a reason I see my colleagues leaving the district (you saw the exodus with the prinicpals years ago). There are people with Ph.D’s who are getting paid less than people with bachelor’s degrees because they cannot climb any salary steps.

Stop sending us emails complaining about being victims and instead do something about it, PFT admins!

How much does Jerry Jordan and the rest of our representatives get paid? More than I, that’s for sure (I saw E.F’s salary).

Soda, cigarette, wage, and other taxes make Philadelphia a ridiculous city. There IS money. Get some courage and FIGHT.

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