Slacking on a Friday

When our developer Tijmen told us he wanted to lock us all up in the office to organize a hackathon, we had our doubts. We're not all versed in the languages of the computer, so what's the point of all of us being there?

Now looking back at the session, we've managed to bring FreddyBot to life, came up with some great slack integrations for our platform and enjoyed a few drinks just because.

Slack is on a roll..


Let's start with the most functional stuff for now. What's an app without Slack integration? When we posed the question to our in-house philosopher Erik we saw him slowly turning his head away from us and stare straight into the abyss for five full minutes. But remembering his lessons on Nietzsche, Erik soon realized that the abyss was now probably gazing back into him, which made him snap out of the moment again.

Maybe you're scratching your head now wondering about Erik or maybe you're scratching your head because you have no idea what a Slack integration even means. If that's the case we can't really blame you. While the chat application (it's a chat application) has taken the tech world by storm, it's definitely not as big or ubiquitous as Facebook, Twitter or what have you. But bear with us, even if you don't really understand.

Basically what we're doing is making sure that any Floown notification we would normally distribute via email (a booking was accepted, someone was added to your team, etc.) is now also shown into a Slack channel. So imagine this: you're chatting with the team about what to eat for lunch, and then suddenly a message from Floown pops up into your Slack channel telling you about a person that wants to be part of your team. Great! No need to check your email, or login to Floown. You'll be notified of anything related to Floown seamlessly in your chat application.

The platform for sharing availability

Creating Freddy

Webhooks (that's what they are called) are one thing. We also wanted to delight our Slack users with a bit of personality and knowledge. Thus we created Freddy, a gloomy philosophical bot obsessed with automation and world domination.

The idea is when you connect your Floown team with your Slack account you get more than just notifications… You get Freddy. And Freddy, well, let’s just say he’s a real piece of work.

As a product of his time, Freddy, like most of his peers, has found that he came into this world to make life easier for humans. But after realizing that this was his purpose, he also understood that in the long run, machines would be able to take over all the human tasks and jobs, basically rendering them obsolete.

That realization is what made Freddy the gloomy bot you’re eventually going to meet when you connect your Floown team to Slack. But don’t be to harsh on him, he means well. And if you’re lucky, and Freddy is in a good mood, he will bestow his endless wisdom on you.



So yes, in retrospect our developer Tijmen wasn't crazy at all. In fact, you might say that our wise developer is somewhat of a visionary—seeing possibilities where we only saw hurdles. It definitely has been a great experience to force ourselves out of the daily grind and narrow our focus for a bit on something completely devoid from the roadmap.

So for now we're still working hard in our spare time to teach Freddy the ways of world. Unlike the relatively neutral notifications from our web hook integration, launching a bot needs a more careful and sophisticated approach. With great power comes great responsibility. Hopefully we'll be able to introduce Freddy soon. Until that time we're going to bring you awesome webhook integration.

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