Do what works & scrap the rest!

Flora Sage
4 min readJul 24, 2018

By Flora Sage

How often do you find yourself doing things out of habit and not because you really want to do it?

How often do you FEEL YOU HAVE A CHOICE what you do during the day?

“Do what works and scrap the rest.”

This is a phrase I was introduced to in my first corporate job after I got out of the Marine Corps.

This was a very new concept for me and didn’t quite understand it until I began putting it into practice.

What WAS working in my life?

What WASN’T working?

I was determined to find out and here’s how you can too.

I started to look at my life, what my habits were and what I really loved.


Being a professional home organizer at the time I knew how to pair down belongings, but pairing down habits was something I had never done before.

So I started to research habits and how to make them work FOR me instead of AGAINST me, which would create a happier life. (Or so I was told).

I made a list of all things in my day that felt good and not so good.

Whether I loved doing it or not.

What was working and what wasn’t.

The Results! Astonishing!

Here’s what happened.

I realized half my day was spent doing things I didn’t really need to be doing, aka Busy work.

So I just stop doing it.

Things like clipping coupons that would eventually expire before I used them. Or picking up my kids toys… (why put them away when 5 min later they would be out anyway?).

Next I started to focus more on what really mattered in my life:

  • My health/wellbeing
  • My kids
  • My business
  • and My wealth.

Since doing this my life has been dramatically different.

If you want something MORE… but can’t quite put your finger on it do the following exercise:

Step 1: Get out a piece of paper or your journal and write out your top four priorities in your life. Mine are listed above.

Step 2: Next write down the things you spend the most time doing or focusing on each day. For most people they would say, sleeping, working, social media and watching TV. (Your top four). .

Step 3: Now compare the lists. Does your step 2 match your step 1?

If you matched four out of four you are rockin’ it!!! You have a life you love and it is deeply fulfilling.

If you matched only a few of them, you’re on the right track but you’re still not done yet. Keep at it and strive to bring all four into your daily practice.

If you didn’t match any, it’s time we have a “Come to Jesus” moment!

You’re life is your responsibly. You must take action today to begin bringing in your top four priorities into your schedule daily!

When you live a life that is reactionary (reacting to your outside circumstances) that’s all you’ll be doing….. You will be putting out fires all day long and won’t be able to focus on what REALLY matters to you in your life.

Think about those people who work 60 hours a week at a job they hate to impress their boss only to lose their health and family in the process.

Don’t be one of those people.

It isn’t too late to create a life YOU love and a life that feeds your spirit.

So how can you start?


Take the list of your Top Four Priorities and put it up where you can see it daily. Like right when you get out of bed in the morning. Put it as your phone screen saver. Make it the background on your laptop / computer.

Constantly remind yourself what REALLY matters to you.

And just Decide you’re going to do it.

Begin to schedule in time for YOU, your family, wealth building or anything else you’ve put on your list.

Life and time won’t slow down for anyone.


Flora Sage is a writer, motivational speaker, spiritual business mentor, master financial coach, and creator of the Mastermind Mafia; a membership for women business owners. Floras six books and countless articles on spiritual, personal and business development have been featured in Medium and Goddess Magazine. Flora has been a guest speaker and trainer for the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy on ethics in business and at Sunlight Alliance for business and sales. Flora has been a regular teacher at WITC Community College and has been a featured in numerous tele-summits, interviews, and academies world-wide.

Since 2009, she has helped women make more money in their online coaching businesses by helping them clarify their message and their offerings through the 1 degree shift method. She is a four-time honor society member, third generation entrepreneur and has a Bachelors of Science in Business with a double minor in marketing and management from Oklahoma State University. She also holds certifications as a; Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach, “Coach the Coach” Laser Coach, Holistic Life and Simplification Coach, as well as a Spiritual counselor, Professionally trained Psychic and creator of the Quantum Bliss Activation. Flora offers special opportunities to active duty military and veterans as a way to pay it forward and give back.

Flora is a Veteran of the United States Marine Corps, mother of two boys, avid traveler, loves big band music and slapstick comedy.

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