What Every Marketer Can Learn From This Airline’s 8-Minute Survey

Two weeks ago, I flew from Amsterdam to Madrid with KLM, the Dutch airline. Back in Amsterdam, I received an automatically generated email that stated:

“We’d love to hear more about your experience of flying with KLM. That way we can keep on improving our services. Our survey will take approximately eight minutes.”

Eight minutes, I thought, that’s terribly long for a survey. How many people will actually fill it in?

But I guess that’s the point.

By being honest and up-front — stating that it’s eight minutes — you don’t actively persuade anyone to take your survey, but you leave it up to the ones who really want to fill it in; the ones who are really happy with their service and those who are not. And that’s the feedback you’re really looking for.

Lying would most likely get you more responses; more people who decide they can spare a minute or so to fill in the survey. But you’d also get more people who would stop answering the questions honestly after a minute or so.

Be honest and up-front in your communication; it’s the only way to get the information you really need.

Originally published at Florent Geerts.