Why We Should Care More About Emotional Attention in Marketing

Would you rather have one thousand Facebook friends or ten real ones?

Would you rather reach a thousand people who’ll get to see your product once, or build a strong connection with ten of them that will last a lifetime?

In our personal lives, we’re quite able to value quality over quantity. But in marketing, this proves to be quite a dilemma.

Awareness, reach, impressions — they are all greatly valued. Why? Because it’s easy to put a number to them.

At the same time, it’s difficult to put a number to emotional attention — having a real connection with your audience.

But that’s exactly the point. You can’t put a number to it.

At a recent event, Unilever’s Chief Marketing & Communication Officer, Keith Weed, spoke about the attention economy. He argued that, as a brand, you need to produce great content for your audience so that they want to spend ‘their minute’ with you.

That’s the type of thinking that we need more of — we need to earn ‘people’s minute’.

You can’t put a number to having a real connection with your audience because such a connection can last a lifetime. A lifetime of someone spending ‘their minute’ with you.

Don’t care about reach. Care about truly reaching people.

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