Withings Trail Challenge — Design Case study

Withing trail challenge is an online game where you have to run in real life if you want to win.

Withings designs activity trackers that help you to quantify your daily activity but don’t increase it.
We designed a game where you can link your daily activity to a virtual race and make your activity increased.

The beginning of the game

To promote the Withing trail Challenge, we define our landing page’s goals and test our designs on different users.

  • Game — Understand that Withing Trail Challenge is a game
  • Informe — Explain that your daily activity is used in the game
  • Discover — Discover the game and make you want to participate
  • Participate — Invite your friends to join the team

Race preview

When a gamer joins a team, she lands on the race page.

We display a count down with the time remaining before the race and users can discover the race.
They have access to images, POI and can use Google sphere view to explore 360 images.


During the race, items are given to players.
Like Mario Kart, the power of each item depending on your position. You can earn a bonus to help your team or a malus to slow down competitors.

The race started

All teams are displayed on the map and move depending on their daily activity.

  • Users can chat with team members
  • They also can slow down opponents or help their team
  • Users can track every game’s event in their daily history.
The left panel is a chat
A user has just thrown on his opponents
The team daily history

Mobile version

The game is also responsive because you are more likely to use your trackers during their activity.

The very first version

Before writing any line of code or designing any pixel, we tried during a few weeks a messaging version of our game.
We have adjusted all game mechanics, and thanks to messages we validate that our game can involve a community.

I would like to thank the members of the amazing team: Edouard Wautier, Lucas Guarneri

I am a Product Designer based in San Francisco. Currently, I design at SpotAngels.

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