May 27, 2015

Hillary Rodman Clinton
Hillary For America Headquarters
Brooklyn Heights, New York, 11201

Dear Mrs. Clinton,

The Republican Party of Florida is hosting a “Conversations with Hillary” press conference and we are extending you an invitation to be the sole participant. Our goal is to make sure you have the opportunity to address the important questions that have led to voters across our state not to trust you.

The people of Florida are eager to hear an unscripted clarification to your secret second email; an explanation to the millions of dollars your organization received from foreign governments while you served as Secretary State; and answers to why you continue to hold staged events with limited accessibility to the general public and media.

We want to help, so we are going to take care of everything — from setting up the press conference with a podium and microphone to notifying the press and public.

We hope to see you at the press conference following your event.


Blaise Ingoglia
Chairman, Republican Party of Florida