Florida Funders leads investment in Simplenight

Florida Funders, a hybrid venture capital fund, and crowd-investing platform announced the closing of its investment in Simplenight, a B2B platform enabling brands to build and launch best-in-class booking products. Simplenight will use the funding to further develop partner integrations, reinforce its software and customer support, as well as hire new key talent for its growing operation. This latest round of financing brings Simplenight’s total funding to date to over $11 million.

Simplenight is a unique B2B platform which aggregates experiences across the globe to be easily accessible. Simplenight acts as merchant of record guaranteeing “bookability” and provides customers with personalized recommendations. Customers can now visit their preferred brands and book everything in one place. Global brands such as Google use Simplenight to power the booking of in-destination products and services. Through Simplenight, brands are able to improve consumer engagement, cross-selling and brand loyalty.

“It used to be innovative to be able to book flights and hotels online, then it became about being able to book more things while on your phone. Now, we believe the next shift is about being able to book any experience, anywhere, whether on your favorite websites, on any of your devices, or even while sitting on a plane or in a car,” said Mark Halberstein, CEO and Founder of Simplenight. “Our platform offers an efficient way for our partners to better serve their customers as they adapt to a new normal and thrive beyond COVID-19.”

Existing destination experience platforms are limited in their ability to provide a one-stop-shopping experience for users to discover everything a city has to offer. Simplenight enables users to search and book everything on a single platform. Along with consumer-friendly payment processing, integrated partners are also provided with valuable marketing touchpoints. Simplenight currently offers over 1 million bookable products in more than 1,300 destinations across 190 countries.

“Simplenight is a unique variable that is leading a field of players preparing for the anticipated uptick in travel,” said Tom Wallace, managing partner at Florida Funders. “As a platform that is solving the issue of fragmentation in the in-destination booking experience, Simplenight is the perfect fit within our portfolio of investments. While we continue to look for startups that drive innovation at the intersection of technology and travel, we look forward to Simplenight’s contribution in positioning Florida from the Sunshine State to the Startup State.”

About Simplenight Inc.

Simplenight is a B2B, omni-channel, global distribution platform for in-destination products, such as tours, attractions, events, dining, transportation, nightlife, hotels and more. Simplenight focuses on providing the best content and booking technology for any brand to leverage.

About Florida Funders, LLC

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