10 Modern Examples to Turn Boring Text to Design

4 min readAug 24, 2023

Instead of having a text as just an existing factor on your site make it a part of design — thus the text will still fulfill its main function or can even power up the message you’re sending to the users. The mighty hands of an experienced designer can build a text that will become a useful tool to deliver your thoughts while keeping the visual aesthetics at a high level.

Here are some of the latest popular tips used by the top designers today.

Prior to scrolling them down you need to remember a number of non-negotiables:

  • Web design should be clear and understandable — means it’s better not to use many strategies at one page;
  • Don’t go too far — sometimes a text needs to stay just a text;
  • Make a choice — keep in mind that some visual effects of font accenting do not match. This is where you have to choose.

Ready, steady, go!

#1 — Graphic elements

Add a few pithy elements with product integration or corporate style elements to your usual text. Such insertions will make your idea more vivid and catchy, it will increase the motivation to read your extract as well as cheer your product manager up 😎

example of texts with design elements inside
Designed by Halo Branding

#2 — Interactives

Game-animations, micro interactions and interactives will also help you capture the reader’s attention making him plunge into your text.

FlowMapp web planning design tool main page

#3 — Font animation in the product

Kinetic typography, the top trend today, is an animation strategy where movement is injected into the text. The content is used to disclose the author’s thoughts and emotions or to impress the reader.

Designed by Jurica Koletic

#4 — 3D-fonts

3D fonts will help you create plumpy and juicy headlines that will work like a magnet on the reader. Such forms can also add more energy to your text or slow it down.

Good to mention here that headlines overloaded with 3D and dynamic fonts will destroy your passage making it hard to understand or deter a user from reading. Balance is the base.

Designed by BL/S

#5 — Organic motives

The smooth lines of fonts referring to natural life curves, with their peaceful and calm shapes are becoming a growing trend this year. Adsorbing all the best from Pepsi cola and old school typography heritage.

Add as much drama as possible to your design, make the lines more impulsive and expressive — all that will result in getting emotional and spontaneous work instead of boring corporative faceless picture.

Designed by https://shakirastudio.com/

#6 — Non-standard/Custom fonts

Courageous and unusual typography also gains attention with its eclectic forms and various experiments.

Designed by Jurica Koletic

#7 — Deformed font

Deformed typography produces the effect of non-perfect reality with its labyrinthal knots, disappearing and interrupted lines, ligatures and shifted blocks.

Designed by Kristina Taskaeva

#8 — Narrowing

Narrow font styles with minimal gaps between the symbols attract reader’s attention and keep him fit while reading. There is no necessity to invent new light or extended fonts, but the modified regular ones could be used.

Designed by Ruslan Siiz

#9 — Font+pic

Is a perfect way to customize of a plain font on your site.

Designed by Awsmd

#10 — Stylish Antiqua

Trendy antiqua allows creating typography that looks contemporary both in printed-out and in web versions.

Designed by Craftwork Studio

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