Choose your Design AppROARch: User-Centered or Service-Oriented Design, Design Thinking or Traditional Design

Design Thinking Process: Best Choice for Tigers-Innovators

Basic Steps in the Design Thinking Process

Empathize with users

Determine user needs

Go to idea generation

Build a prototype

Test the generated solutions

  • constant interaction with end users, which helps to achieve full satisfaction of their needs;
  • an iterative approarch that reduces the cost of edits;
  • forming an image of innovators for the company itself.
  • not the best choice for projects with tight deadlines;
  • the need to ensure the participation of end users at all stages of development;
  • possible technological limitations associated with incompatibility or high cost of implementation.‍

User-Centered Design: Win-Win Solution for Indulging Tigers

Four Stages of UCD

#1 — Define the main task of the product from the point of view of the user

#2 — Consider possible user requirements

#3 — Create a prototype

#4 — Evaluate the results

Service-Oriented Design: Holy Grail for the Material Tigers

Steps to Follow to Implement the SOA Methodology

List the specifications

Think about how the product can be separated into functions

Build several prototypes

Test prototypes for upgradability

System-Oriented Design Process:

Human-Centered Design Process: Inclusive Tigers, Please Stand Up

Traditional Design Process: Ineffective Method for Conservative Tigers

Final Worrrds




Design exceptional UX for beautiful websites and products with online collaborative tools.

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Design exceptional UX for beautiful websites and products with online collaborative tools.

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