Self-Driving Trucks Are Going to Hit Us Like a Human-Driven Truck
Scott Santens

Hi Scott,

Great insite, into the future, Scott. I think it could disrupt our economy, in ways that are too horrible to say. Self driving everything, will have the average consumers stay home. It takes too much time and effort, to call the self driving car company, to have them pick someone up. When the car is in the driveway, it is so easy to get in and drive. Basic principles of people are they are lazy. People will not shop as much, therefore the cost of items will go up, because stores will have to make more money. E-Commerce stores will soon more of the norm.

Just think of it! If you want to go out to eat at a restaurant, you have to make a call. Who is going to want to wait for a self driving car to pull up, to go to the restaurant? I agree with you. This is going to disrupt everything that we do.

I also feel sorry for the families that depend on trucking companies, for their income. The poor truck drivers will all be out of work.