5 Infographics about Flowers and Gardening!

I found tons of information about flower, the industry and just gardening in general. I love infographics because they are pretty fun to read being bright and I love that there are images. I am definitely an visual learner plus you can find all of these easy on Pinterest. So I am just going to share these 5 and tell you a little about them.

This one right above I like because it focuses on Valentines Day, which is one of the bigger days for ordering flowers. Roses alone are the most popular, I mean 189 Million sold is insane. Red roses are iconic and of course are the most popular of all colors and types. So this is awesome to know, maybe I should grow some roses.

This next Infograph is about the flower industry itself which always gets me pumped. It says that mostly women are buying flowers for others, and the Christmas is the mostly popular time to buy flowers! Then of course Mothers Day and Valentines day. Never thought Christmas would be the most and also that men buy flowers usually just because they want to.

I chose this next one because it has tons of different flowers, sorry it is really long. But it says their profiles and little tidbits of shade preference. Plus this first graph is when to plant and harvest each one. I thought it was very useful, and I could pick a couple flowers from this list.

This infographic is all about Vegetables, which really is the first things I’m starting to grow. I mostly only have a plot garden but I love the graph in the middle of when to plant and harvest things. Plus the graph about what plants can help each other as they grow. I already see some that I am growing together and I am happy they suggested those.

Lastly, this one is all about Pest control! The best part is it just suggest safe things to grow or homemade remedies to spray. I think it is very informative about what pests are helpful and which ones are annoying. I think I will definitely plant some Insectary plants. And take some of the advice as the bottom.

I hope these were informative! I know they were useful to me. I found them all on Pinterest, that is always a great place to find tips.

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