Stepping out into the cool dark night,

Guided only by the streetlights,

And looking into the city afar,

City lights flashing.

The roaring engine of cars,

An eclectic mix of sounds crashing.

The City never ceases to amaze.



Me in my newly decorated living room.

Stepping into the wide and spacious room.

Looking around, the walls are covered with dark wallpaper, creating a sense of emptiness and gloom.

All 4 walls of the room,



Ripping away the old,

Seeing previous memories unfold

I paint over with white and grey,

Making my new and permanent home,

A peaceful stay.



Tucked behind the warehouse,

A huge donation was made.

Time to sort through,

And see what has been paid.

Bags and bags of clothes,

Ready to sort through,

And so many children’s toys were donated too.

Imagining the beaming smiles on the children’s faces.

These toys have come from so many places.

So much love and compassion for children who are ill.

Shown through other’s kindness and goodwill ❤



Speeding through the dusty trail,

In the middle of dried-up woodland, so bare and frail.

The windows open, and wind caresses my hair.

The side mirror reflects the Sun’s fiery glare.

Closing my eyes,

Time slowly passes by.

Feeling the hot sun on my face.

The wonderful summer, I have joyfully embraced.



Mr Darcy! The Family Cat ❤

To the beloved family cat ❤

You were with us for a great 20 years.

You were loved so tenderly.

Since you’ve been gone, the family has shed so many tears.

Through your failing health, it caused so many fears.

That you would constantly be in pain,

But through the vets, medication was obtained.

We miss your cuddles and hearing your purr.

We miss your presence and stroking your fur.

You were the beloved family cat.

No-one will ever change that!



Airport Security

Waiting patiently,

Surrounded by people,





Bags, boots and belts all placed in the tray for examination.

People waiting with anxious anticipation,

Others with frustration,

As well all go through airport security.