Flowers for the office

It is a good idea to decorate your workspace, the reason is at work we spend most of the day.
Unpretentious flowers in pots became permanent residents of any office, but the variety of cut flowers will help to revitalize the situation of your working days.


The most obvious office solution will be small compositions in a floral sponge, they are modest and beautiful at the same time. Place them on the reception desk, on the staff tables and in the meeting rooms.


Small author’s bouquets will look very elegant. But do not forget that you should avoid too fragrant flowers in their composition: hyacinths or, for example, lilies.

“Bright day
Bouquet “Marshmallow”

Let’s listen to the advice of psychologists: did you know that colors have different effects on the human psyche? If you need to raise the morale of the team — order a bouquet where the red and orange shades predominate. Yellow color, like the sun, which is always lacking, will cheer up. Blue can calm and get rid of stress before submitting a report.

“Bouquet of 51 orange roses”
“The sun in the hands
“A bouquet of Irises”

If you think that сut flowers seem like a short-lived solution, then a new trend of floristic art — florariums with succulents for you! These tropical plants are refined and at the same time excellently suitable for any office.


Work productively, pleasing yourself with Flowwow :)