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Flags are a great way of ear-marking your important messages and announcements both in your individual chats and in teams. Unlike starred messages, messages that are flagged are publicly visible to other members of the conversation.

Flagging becomes handy when you assign a quick task to someone over a chat, make an important announcement, or summarise a discussion in team chat. It becomes extremely easy for members of the team that are not present during a discussion or those who work in different time zones to catch up with previous discussions.

So, the next time you wish to flag a message, simply use the 🚩 option in the message options. …

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COVID-19 has turned remote work from an emerging trend to the new norm and it’s here to stay. As more people are working from home, all social interactions and work collaborations have to happen with the use of tools that facilitate remote work.

Stats reveal that there are numerous perks associated with working from home. However, there are changes that are neither positive nor negative that new remote workers have to manage. From forgetting what day it is to having to be more intentional about making social connections, there are a lot of unexpected changes related to working remotely.

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Working from home isn’t in the future anymore, but it is already here and now. Consequently, we are all going to have to become comfortable with this new normal. However, for many of us, accepting this change isn’t always easy. …

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Your personal profile on Flujo is the most convenient way of managing your identity and availability across your organization. Your profile along with a few easy settings and features centered around ‘you’, can greatly impact how you maximize your time at work. Let’s have a look at these settings in this article.

Personal Profile

All the settings related to your profile can be found under the Personal Settings option on your workspace menu.

An updated personal profile is a great way of ensuring helpful information about you like your title, department etc. …



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