In Order To Take Down The Deep State, We Must Collaborate Across Ideological Lines
Caitlin Johnstone

“This doesn’t mean we have to agree with the Trumpsters about Muslims ……it just means that any blow struck against America’s unelected power establishment is a good thing that should be cheered on.”

very concerned you’re taking such an accepting approach to people who you claim are ‘fighting’ the deep state but are at the same time amping up anti-muslim hysteria to a level I have not seen since right after 9/11. You can’t ‘fight’ the deep state at the same time you are injecting massive amounts of fuel into the ‘war on terror’ engine the deep state thrives on. Islamophobia among the alt-right is an unacceptable platform and I recommend that you stop encouraging people to be ‘soft’ on alt-right youtube channels and the like simply because they go after neocons. Most of these people on the alt-right who think they’re going after neocons ignored all of Trump’s neocon transition team: Frank Gaffney, James Woolsey & John Bolton (all 3 men coincidentally are very aggressive towards North Korea). I produced a 7.5 hour documentary on the neocons called ‘A Very Heavy Agenda’ and it has been extremely frustrating for me to watch the un-schooled alt-right adopting the term neocon and only applying it selectively to the people who are working ‘against’ Trump (a fantasy). Wolfowitz is now advising the Trump administration…..

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