AS the FLURRY IDO is about to go live, we are excited to announce, in advance, that we will be hosting a Snowball Reward Program for early FLURRY token holders and supporters.

Snowballing is staking, except that in Flurry Finance, we call it snowballing as FLURRY accumulates naturally. The FLURRY…

Flurry Finance is pleased to announce our strategic partnership with IOEN, the next generation of energy management and optimization through digital technology.

IOEN is an interconnected network of virtual microgrids powered by Holochain that enables transactions within and between local energy ecosystems. IOEN’s mission is to build a sustainable clean…

Flurry Finance forming a strategic partnership with Broex Wallet, a licensed platform for trading crypto.

Flurry Finance is delighted to announce our collaboration with Broex, a licensed platform for trading, storing cryptocurrencies, and tracking investment portfolios. Broex allows anyone to buy and sell digital assets with Visa, Mastercard, and online wallets. Broex also allows purchasing cryptocurrencies in its highly efficient decentralized market.

Broex introduces an…

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the LP staking REWARD Campaign where rhoToken & FLURRY token holders will enjoy the “FLURRY” tasting APY from providing liquidity.

Since the rhoToken launches, FlurryFi team has been working on launching different pairings to provide users with more prominent sources of acquiring…



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Flurry Finance Highlights

  1. FLURRY Whitelist & Allocations on CardStarter. 03 Sep 21.
  2. Flurry Finance Snowball Reward Program. 03 Sep…

Flurry Finance had an AMA session with the Turkish community ( on 5 Oct 2021 at 1pm UTC.

CEO Mike & CTO Lawrence had a chat with the Turkish speaking community, with turkish translation from the help of host Süloçyüs ( …

Flurry Finance is committed to simplifying DeFi and making it accessible to anyone by allowing users the ability to hold a stable crypto asset that automatically generates interest, the rhoToken. …

The world of DeFi has grown tremendously in the last couple of years. Today, DeFi products such as stablecoins, yield farming, staking, investing, and liquidity mining are hard to use for newcomers. They are time-consuming, hard to comprehend, and expensive to use for those who are not already familiar with…

FLURRY is available on iMe Wallet

Flurry Finance is over the moon to announce the details for the partnership with iMe Wallet. iMe Smart Platform (iMe) is an all-in-one platform, integrated with Telegram-based messenger, Crypto Wallet, and DeFi tools. …


A team of crypto believers who tries to improve the DeFi space with better products.

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