Barcelona based startups should post tech jobs on Linkedin. Here’s why (in 6 simple steps).

This article is targeted to startups with no HR Manager.

Linkedin has a secret. A secret that can help you find good software engineers for very little cost.

A: Are you struggling to receive applications for tech candidates?

B: Yes, we can’t find anybody

A: Have you posted your job on Linkedin?

B: No.

A: Why not?

B: It costs too much.

This is a typical conversation I have with startups that start working with us. While we empower our clients to better assess candidates and make more informed decisions using data, we can’t do much if there are no candidates coming through our pipeline!

Hence, poor sourcing is a problem for us as much as it is for our customers. This is the 3rs article of our series on the topic of sourcing candidates (specifically for tech positions). This is the first related to sourcing also for mid-level positions. It’s about the power of Linkedin for finding candidates. Enjoy it.

LinkedIn is a platform used by professionals having a job, looking for one or someone to fulfill a vacancy at their company.

“1 out of every 3 professionals on the planet is on LinkedIn,” says Jason Miller, LinkedIn’s content marketing manager.

This might be a known fact, but the understanding of Linkedin when it comes to finding candidates is not as widespread…

  • Everybody knows they can post a job on Linkedin.

Let me state it clearly:

LinkedIn is the most efficient source for startups wanting to recruit new tech members to their team.

You are able to see who is proactively looking for a job as well as viewing the candidate’s profile that provides useful information about their experiences, interests, updates recommendations that other professionals made about the candidate which enable the company to a certain level to do a matching process between the candidates and the job criteria in order to reach them out instead of waiting for them.

Here’s a step by step guide on how publishing a work on Linkedin works. From pricing to sourcing, to using it integrated with Fluttr.

Step 1: Posting a job

You can post jobs by clicking the “Post a Jobbutton, which appears at the top right corner of your homepage.

Step 2: Integrate Linkedin with Fluttr

Enter your job description, title and tags and you can also integrate your job post with Fluttr!

In fact, our customers are able to redirect all applying candidates directly to Fluttr by using the field here “Direct applicants to an external site”. Enter the Fluttr URL we give you after you created your job post on our system and all your candidates will be redirected to Fluttr.

Step 3: You decide how much you want to pay!

What about the price? This is the pricing model…it works like an ad. You decide to pay x euros per day for 30 days and Linkedin will tell you how many applicants you’ll receive. You can also set a maximum budget! Amazing! Isn’t it?

Step 4: Applicants start coming in

Direct experience: This is a post we put in Linkedin for a Reach.js developer. After 1 week we had 9 applicants. Given the difficulty to find this profiles of course it is not bad at all.

Step 5: Here’s a list of people matching your job post

Not only you have applicants coming in. Linkedin also gives you a list of people that are matching your criteria and that you can contact directly via Linkedin! For free! In our React.js case we had 48 matches!

Step 6: Find the ones “Open to new opportunities”!

To make it even more appealing Linkedin it also tells you to candidates are interested in new opportunities!

Contact them and starting a conversation will be quite easy.

It’s now your job to sell your startup and opening!

If you are struggling to find candidates, Linkedin is a great way to receive applications to also do proactive and targeted sourcing for a price that you set in the end. And on top of it

you can use it linked with Fluttr to screen all your candidates for skills, motivation and experience and discover who the perfect one for you is.

If you are interested in using this recruitment solution that successful startups like Badi, Kantox, Meller, Yugo (to name a few) are using for their hiring needs, then go ahead and sign up on Fluttr.

It’s currently completely free to start using, and it will help:

  • Screening and ranking the best candidates, not using your gut feelings but using hard data about their motivation, talent and expertise;

To learn more visit or shoot me an email at

All the best with your hiring!

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