Fluttrbox​ ​Delivers​ ​Drone​ ​Inspections​ ​for​ ​Fortune​ ​500​ ​Company

As the future of property insurance inspections moves more and more away from ladders and towards the air, we at Fluttrbox are pleased to announce that we’ve been working hard to deliver drone inspections for a Fortune 500 company.

Our behind the scenes technology streamlines the entire inspection process, from underwriting/claim queue to an exemplary customer experience and report-delivery, providing insurance companies structure detail that otherwise would be difficult and time consuming and expensive to obtain.

Our field specialist hard at work in Glen Allen, Virginia capturing every angle of an insured property

Using drones also allows us to carry out insurance inspections in those hard to reach and inspect areas, such as steep roofs and multi-storey buildings. By leveraging our expansive network of field specialists and drone operators, we remove the need for insurance companies to spend time and money on finding someone to carry out the inspection. We save carriers several hundred dollars per inspection in the hail belt alone, where there are a lot of claims to check roofs following a hail storm. As an insurer, your job is to provide insurance not be a roofing company. By utilizing our network, we can confirm whether or not there is damage and if not close the file, without the cost of sending a local adjuster to climb onto the roof and submit a report.

Damaged shingles along roof ridge, shingle granule loss, Dallas, TX

Finding someone to carry out inspections can be especially difficult when disaster strikes. In areas where this is more likely to happen, such as in tornado alley or the hail belt, it is important to have confirmation of damage quickly. A quicker confirmation means quicker partial payment to the insured — which is both beneficial for the insured and the insurance company, as the insurance company is able to increase their bandwidth to handle higher volumes of claims at any given instant, and the insured get the money they need without delay — win win.

This is where Fluttrbox comes in. By capitalising on our network, and with our quick reporting turnaround time, we are able to speed up and simplify the underwriting and claims process, while delivering granular detail.

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