The Fluxbot Token Sniper, Shotgun and Gatling Gun

Our arsenal has been enhanced with additional firearms

Recognizing the limitations faced by traders sniping on the Solana network, Fluxbot has developed innovative sniping features designed to tackle these challenges head-on: Choose your loadout :)

Important information on settings

  1. Go to Fluxbot, Menu — Settings
  2. Select the Slippage % you want (higher slippage for sniping)
  3. Set your Priority Fee, max is 2 SOL (higher PF when Solana is busy)
  4. Your priority fee is paid per transaction (more on that later)
  5. Now go back to MENU — Token Sniper
  6. Turn ON Autobuy
  7. If targeting select tokens, turn ON the whitelist
  8. Click Add Address, and paste the token addresses you want.
  9. If you want to SNIPE any new token leave whitelist OFF
  10. Turn ON Auto-buy
  11. Set your Minimum Pool Liquidity and Rugcheck Risk Scores (0–75,000)
  12. **NEW** Select the Sniper Mode (Sniper, Shotgun, or Gatling Gun)
  13. If you are choosing Shotgun or Gatling Gun, choose the amount of transactions to split your total spend into.
  14. Remember if you pick 5 SOL as your amount and you split that into 5 transactions, that will be 5 separate 1 SOL transactions and 5 full spends of your priority fee.
  15. If you are sniping a USDC pool, make sure you have enough USDC in your wallet to cover the SNIPE amount and enough SOL to cover any priority, network, and fluxbot fees. If you don’t have enough USDC we will convert it, but that will slow down your attempt.
  16. We always ask you to select the amount of your SNIPE in SOL, even for USDC pools. so if you select 5 SOL you will spend the equivalent of that 5 SOL in USDC plus fees.

Now onto the good stuff….

The Token Sniper

This is the traditional all-or-nothing approach. We haven’t changed anything here. Its all or nothing, one snipe…. Look… If you had… one shot… or one opportunity…To seize everything you ever wanted… one moment…
Would you capture it?

Token Sniper with Shotgun Attachment

The Token SHOTGUN feature improves the transaction process by SPLITTING YOUR ONE TRANSACTION IN UP TO TEN SEPERATE TRANSACTIONS (you choose how many), and firing them all off, at the same time. This “scatter-shot” approach significantly increases the chances of at least part of your total transaction spend landing and being processed successfully, even in times of network congestion. By mitigating the risk of total transaction failure, this tool empowers traders to operate more confidently and efficiently in peak times.

Token Sniper with Gatling Gun Attachment

For snipers seeking a more sequential approach, but still looking to cause early havoc, the Gatling Gun Attachment offers a compelling solution. It DIVIDES YOURS ONE TRANSACTION IN UP TO TEN INDIVIDUAL TRANSACTIONS (you choose how many), firing them rapidly but with a tiny delay between each one, about 100 milliseconds apart. This strategy tempers the risk across a brief duration, enhancing the likelihood of successful transactions at different price points. It’s an innovative approach that spreads out transaction attempts, providing a tactical edge in fast-moving market conditions.

The Impact of Fluxbot on Solana Trading

The introduction of Fluxbot’s new sniping features marks a significant shift in how traders can engage with the Solana network. By reducing the reliance on luck and increasing the control snipers have over their transactions, Fluxbot is setting a new standard for Solana trading tools. These innovations should not only enhance the success rate of transactions but also open up new strategic possibilities for traders.


The unpredictability of Solana’s network during high-traffic periods has been a thorn in the side of traders, introducing a luck factor that no skill, technology, or insight could fully overcome. However, with the advancement of Fluxbot and its new sniping features, the landscape of Solana sniping is set to change.



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