Flyers Goal Scored By….10 Years Ago Today

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I actually don’t think it’s all bad, and that’s pretty high praise for myself.

Day 17 — The new-look Flyers?

I found myself wondering today, whilst looking through the newspaper — What is a Flyer? Checking the standings I glanced through the other teams in the league’s nicknames and realized that they all made sense to me. Even the tougher ones are fairly straightforward: a Panther is an animal, a Wild is a type of horse, a Devil is the guy who manages Hell, a Predator is an adult that likes to have sex with children and drink iced tea/lemonade. But what is a Flyer? Is it simply someone who flies? If so, does that mean like Peter Pan or a Jet Blue pilot? I wasn’t satisfied with any answer I could come up with, so I did some research.

Like a Valedictorian you never met in your 4 years of college giving a speech on what “Commencement” means, I looked it up. Dictionary dot com defines a Flyer as “One, such as an insect or bird, that flies with wings.” So after all this time I’ve been cheering for insects or birds? I didn’t like the idea of that so I dug a little deeper and found out that in Australia a Flyer is “an exceptionally swift kangaroo.” Now that I like. I like it for a variety of reasons — 2 of the main ones being that we could have a mascot hoping around Wachovia kicking and punching the shit out of people in Rangers jerseys, as wellas the fact that it would help to facilitate the spread of ice hockey to Australia — something I’ve been working on vigorously for the last 6 years.

I then started to really examine our current jerseys and realized that we might be sending the wrong message to the league. It looks as if the top of the “flying P” is traveling at a higher velocity than the bottom. Which means that we are indeed moving forward, but also spinning out of control. Especially in a year where we seem to have righted the ship, this could lead to us being the joke of the league.

So I put it to you, the public. Do we want to keep going forward with a “P” that seems to be crashing harder than a drunk air show pilot, or with a bad ass, as well as swift, kangaroo?