Top 3 beaches in South Spain to die for

La Rijana, Calahonda, Granada

Summer is coming and you don’t know yet where to go? Pack your bikini and please follow me. Don’t forget your sun block cream! No need for bikini thou :)

La Rijana is calling

1- La Rijana, Calahonda

This gorgeous crystal clear water beach is a hidden gem in south Granada and is still my best calita ever! Keep in mind that to get there you’ll need a car. Attention foodie-lovers! There is only one chiringuito — beach bar — in the whole beach so make sure you bring a couple of sandwiches with you in case your belly starts rumbling …and the bar is closed.

La Rijana, unspoiled by tourists

2- La Herradura, Almuñecar

This stunning 2 km of fine sandy beach is located in Almuñecar town. Less well known among non-Spanish holidaymakers; this gorgeous beach offers plenty of chiringuitos where you can try fresh pescaito frito (fried fish). Diver-lovers will also find some of the best underwater scenery… so dive deep and say ¡Hola! to Nemo.

Arriving to La Herradura

3- Nerja, Málaga

Playa de Calahonda––one of Nerja’s most iconic beaches––is hard to beat. Situated next to the Balcón de Europa and surrounded by cliffs and rocks, this beach lover’s paradise — bit crowded at times — definitely worth a visit.

Stunning Nerja

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