Delights of Traveling by Air Helicopter versus Jets

Travel by air is the option for most of the royal households, CEOs of top private companies, artists and executives from the world of music and arts, and sports stars from boxing, football, tennis and golf among others. The idea is to have that much more privacy and to travel with people of your social set so the disturbance remains minimized.

Even pets take to the air

You have pets traveling on the jets and helicopters when their masters and mistresses need them to. And, UHNW families would not think of traveling any other way. They might buy and sell aircraft the way the ordinary family buys and sells cars and automobiles. While we are here, we must discuss the preferences that some have for jets, while others like helicopters.

Cost of the travel

One must think of the private jet hire cost at the outset. But, for those who do not mind the cost, the option of hiring a helicopter does pose some questions. First, there is the speed. The obvious difference in travel time seems to put the helicopter in the shade. One can save hours if one uses a jet so where is the competition? The thing is not everyone wants to arrive early. There may be instances when going slow and having more manoeuvrability especially while taking off and landing may be essential.

Second, the weight class of both aircraft is different. Jets, as mentioned, need more space for the take-off and landing — a long runway. Helicopters cannot stand inclement weather conditions and this restricts their use somewhat. However, these air travel methods are far superior to the road and rail travel methods. The case of accidents is a subject of debate and private opinion. The emergency landing skills of the helicopters put them at an advantage in tight situations.

If you are on a London private jet charter and want to change the course, you will need to get in touch with the flight control and this be a strenuous process. You receive safety briefing once you are airborne and the stewardess will show you how to operate things in case of an emergency. They have plenty of safety equipment on board the aircraft.

While the aircraft are matched when we think of transporting the people and cargo to their destinations, the more agile helicopter seems to be the preferred mode of transport for the elite. No doubt when it is a question of great distances, the jet will win. But, in flying short distances and making it to tight corners, the helicopter is the first choice.

Maintaining an aircraft

Possessing an aircraft is alright but the upkeep is strenuous and necessary. The various aspects of maintenance will involve flight planning, VIP stewarding, the arrangement of traveling PAs, all of which begin with the registration of the aircraft soon as the delivery has taken place. When the aircraft is operational, you also need to provide catering and make fuelling arrangements.

For parking, you need the hangarage and of course, there is always the insurance to think of. You can arrange all this by outsourcing these to some aircraft company. Then, you only need to pay them for the upkeep of the aircraft and they will tend to the needful activities.