When traveling there are unwritten “do’s” and “don’ts.” When you join Flyght Club we want you to be in the know when it comes to traveling. Frequent travelers might already know some of these and it may seem like common sense but as you know many people don’t understand proper airport etiquette. Fly like a pro with the Flyght Club Code.


This might sound funny but there is nothing worse than sitting next to someone who smells like body odor or smells like alcohol. Along with showering, make sure you have gum/mints or have brushed your teeth not too long before boarding the plane. Close courtiers calls for extra attention to personal hygiene.

Be prepared before going through security

Double check to make sure you have your ID, passport, boarding pass and whatever else you might need. When heading through security be prepared to take your shoes and belt off along with other accessories. Try wearing certain items and accessories that are easy to take on and off. In addition to the basics, (keep jewelry, belts, cell phones etc tucked in your carry-on). Put valuables like jewelry and keys in the pockets of your jacket before you put your jacket through the X-ray — then you can redress at your gate instead of in front of that plastic tray. You are forced to take off your shoes in order to pass through the metal detectors so put the sandals away and put on some socks and shoes. Stay away from shoes with laces or complicated buckles, a pair of flats for ladies or slip-on loafers for men will get the job done nicely.

Board the plane when your group is called

They call the boarding groups in a specific order to make the boarding process smooth and easy for everyone. It makes it more convenient to put your luggage near where you are sitting and by following the order you are being a good travel mate,

Help those in need to get bags in over-head compartments

When you see someone struggling to get bags in or out of the over-head compartments, lend a hand if you are physically able.

Arm rests in the middle are for the person in the middle

People may have different opinions about this but being in the middle is already the worst seat and if you don’t have both armrests then it is nearly impossible to get comfortable. Do the middle man a favor and let ’em have the arm rests.

Ask to recline seat before reclining

We can probably all agree that reclining the seat makes a big difference in how comfortable our flight is but its not always appropriate to recline. 99% of the time it shouldn’t be an issue but occasionally someone may be very tall or have a baby so it will be polite to ask before reclining.

At Flyght Club we strive to help our travelers have a better experience. You never know who you might meet during your next trip to the airport, and being on point with your hygiene and airport etiquette could put you in position to leave a great first impression. The thing about first impressions is you only get one of them and it could make the difference between making a solid connection or letting an opportunity slip away. Take advantage of every opportunity and we will see you at the top!

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