Cash Flow

The initial planned investment would be 135K€, this will cover a partnership with MAVtech for the production of the hardware part of the drones and permit to manufacture 90 drones (1500€ each). The software part will be handled by us.

The investment is needed by July/August 2017 to allow production to start by September. During September and October the assembling phase will be carried on. At the beginning of November we will be ready to ship the first units, pace of 20 units manufactured per months is estimated, and will therefore have the first revenues.

During the period starting from February to May 2018 all the 90 initial units will be placed at the various agricultural consortia (Agrinordest, Consorzio agrario del Nord-ovest, Consorzio agrario della Sardegna, Consorzio agrario dell’Emilia).

At April 2018 we will hit the breakeven point.

By August, a second batch of drones will be requested, we expect 100 high end, customized drones for the price of 1500€ per drone.

The first sells will be enough not to make the balance turn negative.

We expect the drones to be delivered by the end of January, when we will begin the second selling season.

By the end of summer 2019, we expect total revenues in the order of 400K€.

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