New Year, New Us

There’s been a few changes around the Flypaper Office, which you may or may not have noticed (maybe peep that new logo?). Maybe you’ve noticed we’ve been posting on Twitter a little more, or maybe you’ve seen our brand-spanking new Facebook page? While we do take ourselves as professionals, we felt like there was a small hole in our overall Marketing Plan. Today, we would like to announce Flypaper, Creativity that Flies.

Originally, the Flypaper brand and logo represented actual Fly Paper, which, you may or may not know catches flies, and causes them to stick to the piece of paper. While Fly Paper may still be something that’s relatively prevalent in our culture, we didn’t believe that it wasn’t top of mind for most of our clientele, or for our market on campus. One of our overall goals for the next few semesters is to gain a little visibility both on campus and off of campus, and we felt like a step we could take to accomplish that goal would be to redesign and rebrand ourselves to something that’s more modern, and more top of mind.

We lucked out. The word “Fly” paper, can be taken literally, as in a paper that flies, meaning we can use the same overall branding with minor tweaks and a fresh new logo. we chose a Paper Airplane to represent actual flying paper, and have been using it as a replacement for the old Fly logo.

We feel like the changes being made here is a good first step towards more visibility of the Flypaper brand, and this change with a few other changes we have in mind will help us cement ourselves as professionals in the Fargo/Moorhead area.

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