8TV— The Actionable Video Network for Brands

8TV, http://iam8.tv/ is a short form video network for brands that lets them integrate actionable video into their physical products, and their physical products into actionable video campaigns, using image recognition, QR codes and barcodes.

The startup graduated from Angelpad, the top Tech Accelerator in Silicon Valley, and already has an impressive customer list including the world’s second largest consumer goods company Unilever. Silicon Valley’s kingmaker Ryan Hoover described the platform as “If Snapchat and QVC had a baby” and the team were invited by Unilever’s CMO Keith Weed to Cannes Lions in June to showcase their partnership. The consumer products giant Amazon is another partner.

The company was started by the San Francisco based duo, Chris Knight and Leon Crutchley, who have previously built consumer apps together downloaded over 20 million times, for brands including Conde Nast, Pepsi, Harrod’s and Stella Artois. Chris says “We’ve worked with a lot of FMCG brands and noticed most were broadcasting their products at their customers rather than communicating with them.” Leon says “We’re at the start of a massive disruption in the consumer products industry, as Unilever’s recent purchase of Dollar Shave Club shows. Brands need a way to build direct meaningful relationships with their customers or die. It’s a huge problem and that’s why we built 8TV.”

With over 3 million views on the platform so far, it’s already being used by some of the world’s most famous brands. Seed investors in 8TV’s seed round already include Angelpad, Tidhar Carmeli and Dheeraj Jain.

For more info:

Email leon@iam8.tv, or see iam8.tv, twitter.com/iam8tv, facebook.com/iam8.tv and https://medium.com/p/f7391fda312d/edit

Download the 8TV iPhone app



Viewing experience — focus on full screen vertical video

Scanning experience — add just about any product to video by scanning a barcode

Product view experience - read, watch and buy from other user-generated videos about the product, just swipe up on any video

On the left: Camera view. Middle: Video view. Right: Product info view

User share pages with showcode — scanning a showcode within the 8TV app gives users an instant on experience where they can watch videos made by the user and follow them

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