Meet the Team: Oscar Moreno

Meet the team is a recurring series, allowing you to get to know the engineers behind Flywire’s success. Today meet Oscar Moreno, one of our software engineers.

1. Hi Oscar! Tell us a little about yourself.
I was born in Tenerife, Canary Islands and I’m a software engineer. I’ve been working in Flywire since 2015. Since then, I’ve mainly worked on backend development, but also occasionally in frontend. When I’m not at the office, I enjoy playing sports, especially outdoor ones. I’ve recently started rock climbing and I’m loving it!

2. Why did you choose Engineering as a career?
Since childhood, I’ve always been interested in learning how things worked. As I was growing up, I discovered my passion for computers and eventually started programming as a teenager. I initially didn’t know what I was doing, simply copying and pasting codes, until a friend taught me to program in Bash. Since then, my interest in Free Software has only continued to grow, especially in Linux and variations of BSD.

3. What attracted you to the Flywire Engineering team?
Without a doubt, the collaborative culture in Flywire. There’s always someone in the team to help me when I need it. This encourages an office culture of camaraderie. The VP and managers make sure they don’t only hire good software developers but collaborative people. I believe that goes a long way towards working well as a team. However, this doesn’t mean that everything is always easy at the office. We often disagree with each other about how to solve a problem, but instead of perceiving this as an issue, I believe that our different viewpoints lead us to the best solutions.

4. What does an average day in your team look like?
Because we’re an agile team, we use pair programming which means I get to work with different people on a regular basis. Because of this, it’s hard to characterize an ‘average’ day. Each day poses new challenges. For instance, I’m currently working with a team that isn’t focused on a specific project but is instead working on several at the same time. Because I get to work on different tasks that interact with different parts of the platform, I get to better understand how our business works. This makes it exciting to come into the office every day!

5. What is your team currently working on? Is there an issue your team is trying to solve?
My team is currently working on improving the performance of the platform, which will allow us to scale it. As the volume of the business grows, we have to constantly refactor parts of the platform that break because they weren’t initially designed to support such volume. It’s a process that’s sometimes difficult to reproduce and difficult to solve, but it also gives us insight on how we help the business grow.

6. So far, what’s been your favourite technical challenge to work at Flywire?
We have a large code base, based on autonomous services. Understanding how each process works and how they interact with each other is complex. As a result, we’re continuously improving parts of the code that were initially designed to solve different business requirements than the ones the company currently has. Flywire is continuously evolving and one of our current challenges is making changes that are at the same time extensible and simple.

7. What advice would you have for someone who wants to work with the engineering team?
I would recommend they reach out and/or come to one of our Meetups to get to know us! We regularly hosts weekly and monthly events such as Katayuno, Hacknight, Testnight, etc. and we value avid learners who have different points of views. We value more the fact that you are curious than your hard technical skills. In my case, not knowing how to use Ruby, the team’s choice of tech stack, wasn’t an issue during the hiring process.