Ten reasons engineers should consider moving to Valencia

Are you tired of the high costs of living that comes with being in a huge city? Are you looking for a human-sized city that boasts a great quality of life? Would you like to become part of a team that encourages you to grow both personally and professionally? To the engineers who are thinking of moving to Valencia, here are ten reasons to motivate you to take the leap and relocate to this beautiful city now.

  1. Our strong developer community 
    If you decide to relocate to Valencia, you will find a strong technology ecosystem in our community. There are many different types of meetups and events happening regularly for all different profiles in the tech sector, ranging from DevOps Valencia to HackNight to Frontenders Valencia. If you’d like to know more about Valencia’s local tech scene, check out Jose Luis’s article. And if you’re interested in events happening in the city, don’t hesitate to look at Valencia Tech Hub.
HackNight at Flywire offices in Valencia

2. Easy access to the rest of Spain 
Valencia is close to Madrid as well as Barcelona, making it an easy commute for anyone who wants to opt out of living in a huge city. Madrid is only an hour and a half away by AVE (high-speed train) and you can get to Barcelona in three hours. Valencia also has an airport, so you can easily hop on a flight for a weekend in Mallorca or London.

3. Great & affordable quality of life
Living costs in Valencia are significantly lower compared to Madrid and Barcelona. In fact, according to data collected by Expatistan, a collaborative index for living costs all over the world, the cost of living in Madrid is 25 percent and Barcelona 23 percent more expensive than in Valencia. From personal experience, we can guarantee that you can easily find an apartment here for the price of a room in Madrid or Barcelona.

4. Our vibrant community of entrepreneurs 
Valencia has a large and thriving startup scene and ranks 3rd after Barcelona and Madrid in terms of entrepreneurship. It currently represents 15% of the Spanish ecosystem, boasting approximately 13 accelerators and 5 incubators as well as numerous coworking spaces.

5. It’s always sunny in Valencia 
If you’re a fan of Madrid’s warm weather but have a hard time during the winters, Valencia might be the perfect fit for you. Valencia’s climate allows you enjoy warm winters, with 15C weather in December.

Malvarrosa beach in Valencia

6. It’ll feel like you’re on vacation all year around 
With its many palm trees around the city and the beach just a few minutes away by car or public transport, you get to feel like you’re always on vacation. If you’re more of a mountain person, you are a short drive away from hiking trails such as the ones in Chulilla. In sum, whether you want to swim, hike or even ski, you are only a quick trip away.

7. It’s a remote city
Valencia is becoming a popular destination for digital nomads as well as remote work programs such as Remote Year and Globe Kick. The internet connection is generally great and the city is seriously starting to cultivate a strong co-working environment.

8. Getting around is easy 
Valencia has great public transport; it has an underground metro system as well as a tram that covers all of the city and beyond. If you prefer to bike, Valencia’s extremely bicycle-friendly, and new cycle lanes are constantly popping up around the city.

9. It’s a human-sized city 
Valencia’s a human-sized city, making it very welcoming for new residents. It’s small enough to be safe and easy to get around, yet big enough to provide diversity, great restaurants, and entertainment, as well as sport and cultural activities. There are always live concerts to attend, beach volleyball games to be played, theatre plays to see, and new restaurants to go to.

10. Flywire is hiring!
If all the reasons above have convinced you to make the move to Valencia, we’d just like to add that we are hiring! You’d have the opportunity to join the leading provider of cross-border payment solutions. The Software Engineering team is based in the Valencian headquarters and is made up of almost 40 engineers. The engineering team is mainly known in Valencia for their strong technical skills and innovative company culture. If you’re interested in growing and learning from an international startup, don’t hesitate to check out our careers page.

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