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In the modern era of internet online shopping has become a craze among the youths who are internet savvy. Online shopping saves time and energy and makes one free from tension going to busy market area where walking and parking the vehicle is a tedious job. So Francesca Martire showroom brings an amazing mixture of products from different periods. The products are arranged in different price bands so that the person who is interested to have a particular item within a particular range of money will be displayed to make the purchasers to have a clear cut choice to place the order for purchasing.

Vintage Lighting London

Different types of lights from olden times to modern era are available on the site with photographs to make the people understand the quality and design of the products.

CHANDELIERS AND PEDANTS- these are used to make ceilings look beautiful and attractive.

TABLE LAMPS and FLOOR LAMPS- table lamps are the common lamps which can be put on stand with limited area to be lighted. It is specially liked by those people who want to study but don’t want to light the entire room. Floor lamps are kept on the floor to make the home beautiful.

WALL LIGHTS AND SCONCES- these are fitted on the walls with dim lights it is especially useful in those rooms where less light is required with the beauty of the room visible.

Vintage furniture for sale London

Furniture is a common need of every house owners the requirement varies according to house owners and according to size of the room where is several types of furniture available and the required furniture can be supplied within a stipulated time period once the order is booked for the sale. Varity of photograph provided on the site, give a glimpse to the purchaser. The purchaser can decide which type of furniture is required.

Murano glass chandeliers

A variety of Murano glass wears are available on the site from small pieces to large ones, from small chandeliers to chandeliers required for large auditorium and conference hall.

Vintage shop nw88ep

the company’s office is located at 36 Church St, Marylebone, London NW8 8EP, UK .The people who want to visualize the things personally may visit at the afore said place and may satisfied them self before placing the order. Thus the things to be purchased online and it can be seen personally.

Venini glass Triedri glass

There are many verities of glasses of different branded companies which can be purchased easily under one roof, saving a lot of time in going to different glass companies and purchasing glass products under one roof becomes easy, comfortable and time saving.

Vintage table lamps

This place is boon for those people who are interested to have antique table lamps, can have the things of their choice from a lot of antique products. Thus one can choose a product from a large variety of vintage pieces.

Antique shop nw8 8ep

The choice varies from person to person; but there are many people who are still interested to have the things designed some few years back which are not commonly available in the open market, are easily available here. So the thirst of acquiring antique pieces can be quenched once the person visits the place.

Midcentury lighting

Lighting has seen a tremendous change since the invention of light by Edison. Different designs, shapes, shades and the quality of light are available according to one’s choice.

Midcentury furniture

With the enhancement of technology, variety of tools was developed. Accordingly the design of furniture changed from time to time if a customer wants to have furniture of 50 to 70 years back that can be easily purchased from the shop.

Francesca Martire NW8 8EP

The taste of two persons cannot be same likewise the choice of a certain thing or color is not same for most of the people. Generally the modern things can be easily had from different sources to different places. However, it is very difficult to have a thing of the past easily available so company has decided to provide the things of the past at a reasonable price with a variety of antique pieces always ready for sale as well as the modern pieces of different varieties.

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