Denmark’s F-35 Decision Is Pretty Dumb
War Is Boring

To be clear. The Danish government knows full well that is manipulating the numbers. This deal went public while our primeminister´s hand was still warm from shaking Obama´s. Mickinsey once again is aiding a Danish government in slaughtering key institutions — previous onslaught was brought on by a neo-liberal socalled socialdemocratic goverment, and the our healthcare and educational systems are left badly mauled. But hey Mr Corudon former minister of finance is now having a very lucrative career in Mckinsey (he did after all swindle 300 million danish kroner from the tax payers directly into the executive pockets of Mckinsey). This is what Sheldon Wolin named Inverted Totalitarianism — it is corruption and nothing else.

Back in 2008 SAAB-Group backed by the Swedish government offered the Danish state 48 Gripen NG fighters for the sum of 22 mia/billion dkr — this included 20 years of service, training and transition-issues, 180% counter purchase with a deep integration of industrial cooporation. This extremely generous offer of course was done with the wish for Denmark and Sweden to move closer in a shared defence — something that increasingly seems to be the only sane route to follow. Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland share major interests that in this venue something that Nazi >cough< ,excuse me, - NATO - and a american military-industrial complex of course want to downplay since neither Finalnd nor Sweden are in NATO. This deal could have saved the Danish defence forces and put us on the right path.

But alas, the cunty fuckers had to swindle even more public funds from the Danish people. The crooks say 56 billion dk — which is an obvious lie. The real cost for the next 30 years will amount to 120 billion crowns. The only good thing to come out of this, is that we are done bombing innocent brown people and violating international law very soon.

Anyone promoting the F35 for small countries need to go fuck themselves so very hard and after that put something heavy in their pockets and seek the nearest coastline — just keep walking….

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