Mission 2018 accomplished

Jan 9, 2018 · 2 min read

Today, on the first real-business-day of the year, most of us are thinking about our New Year’s resolutions related to work and productivity (if you made some), because, is Monday! There is no better day like today to think about a fresh start and to bring to reality all those New Year’s resolution.

It is difficult to look for Monday motivation on a rainy day (It is winter here in San Francisco) considering that watching Netflix covered with a blanket and eating snacks offer us immediate reward.

After picturing this scenario can be hard to think about to start a new endeavor, so, it is necessary to look for a reward’s resource to ensure that we will stay on the path.To help me on that trip, I use my favorite Focoosin’s feature, Focoosin Play.

Even if the task is not that big, I always create tasks for every activity on Focoosin’s dashboard. Also is always a good idea dividing big tasks into small ones. The sensation of achievement will be amplified by checking more “completed” boxed. You will be going forward in your work smoothly and getting more rewards.

After achieving those goals it would be easier to set new ones and to keep accomplishing more tasks. You will be surprised at how the process can be more satisfying by dividing your work and even more when you actually can see how far have you been.

I know that is just January 8th, but I want to apply the same technique to my New Year’s resolution: dividing to avoid overwhelming and quitting. After all, this is why most of New Year’s resolution fail.

So, try Focoosin for free and have you all a Happy and productive 2018.

Paulina from Focoosin


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