Working in coworking spaces.

Jan 8, 2018 · 2 min read

Coworking spaces are amazing, full of people doing great things, free food some times (and if you are lucky, good coffee), they even have places to take a nap, and a lot of chances of make new friends. But! Also full of distractions. For that, according to my experience, I made a list of thing to avoid and to considerate in a coworking space:

To avoid:

The sorority’s dynamic: Ok, one of the best thing of working in coworking spaces, that not always corporate jobs have: a bunch of young and nice people working together, creating new things, good vibes, and a more relaxed atmosphere. But, some times this good vibes are making of the coworking a sorority or frat. Some of those places have segregated quiet spaces. Does this mean, that in the other places it is allowed to speak loud and laugh? It is difficult to avoid noise, but, after while, you can identify where the sorority spots are and avoid them.

To considerate:

The first thing I felt when I switched from a corporate job to start-up, was that I missed to have my own desk. And it wasn’t because I wanted to have a family portrait and some flowers. It was because, at least for me, for been concentrated on my own work, I needed to be in a familiar place. If I was in a new spot every day, there were new things to distract me every time. When I started to go regularly to a coworking place, I tried to arrive early and take the same table, in where I felt comfortable and not-so-distracted as possible. After I used the same table for a few days, I felt more like I was at home.

Also with the routine related to physical space, off course there is necessary some kind of routine to make things work. It is very tempting if you work by your own, do not have any schedule. Have some regular hours to start and finish work it is the only way to avoid excessive working hours, and keeping having a life-work balance.

Coworking spaces are amazing, indeed, they are the new way to develop business and learn from other, so, even considering those tips, it is not necessary to be a robot (yet)…


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