How do you deal with pain?

How do you deal with anger?

How do you deal with negativity?

How do you deal with life?

How do you deal with adversity?

How do you deal with unnecessary instances?

How do you feel when everything you have worked so hard for just one day is gone?

How do you feel when you have tried all you can think to do just for everything to fail?

How do you feel about bad news?

How do you feel while dealing with sorrow?

How can you wake up and keep going after all of these things have weighed you down?

How can you smile?

How can you encourage others and your life isn’t going to way you think it should go?

How can you wake up everyday living a life you never imagined you would have to live?

I take it one day at a time.

When one thing happens I counteract it with something better.

If I start to feel sad I smile and laugh until sadness is distant.

I distract myself with positivity, negativity will not exist.

Your life is a reflection of how you think. You may see negativity in the questions that were asked, I see room for improvement.

I see help from the universe.

Yes there are things that I may want, but everything we want may not be for us. You may want a certain relationship but if you get it will it be what you thought It would be? Or will you thank the universe for not giving you what you want because you later found out that person was nothing they portrayed to be.

So I don’t allow the things that APPEAR to be negative to control my life.

Yes I have my moments where I just wish things were Perfect, but who is to say that the life I have is not perfect. It is my life so therefore it is the perfect life for me.