Whitey Be Trippin

The times they are a changin. Whitey has to watch what he says. No more boy this or uncle that, or hey bitch get your ass over here, or redskins be all crazy for the firewater. Well, redskins is still okay, for now, but Whitey is in trouble there too.

Just imagine what it must be like to hold your tongue and your hate all day, every day for every day of your life. Imagine having to say, yes sir, yes mam, thank you sir, instead of fuck you boy, you can ride in the back and get your black eyes off my woman.

When you think about it the last few years have been tough on Whitey. Whitey is eating in the same room with the Colored folks, drinking out of the same damn fountain. WTF, no wonder Whitey’s pissed! Now he’s carrying an assault rifle in a grocery store, while wearing an anti-Obama T-shirt and proudly carrying a package of Oreos.

But really, Whitey’s only had to be tolerant and polite for all of 50 years and he’s already blowing a gasket. Give me a break, that’s some seriously weak game. At least when people of color get angry with Whitey they have some real reasons. I mean, hell, they kept quiet for 400 years, other than the properly intoned and timed, yes sir or yes mam. Generations holding their tongues. And they were good too, it wasn’t unusual for Whitey to believe he and Uncle Nate were bestest friends.

But why is Whitey so pissed? He still has most of the money, all the best jobs, the finest homes, the most drugs, and the fewest violations. Hell they run the business world and banks, the political parties, the mainstream media, the major religions, the prisons, the world’s biggest baddest Navy, everything should be okay. What happened?

Oh, I remember, a black man was elected president. What? That’s all it took? Well, that and a whole lot of crazy. We’ve now had 6 or 7 years of desperate politicians and paranoid sociopaths, ah, wealthy businessmen, whipping up hatred and fear to truly epic proportions. I guess, when you don’t have a plan other than continuing the slide into hell this country has ridden for the last 30 years of Trickle Down Thievery, you fall back on what you know.

Black man gets the keys to the Whitest House in the world and next thing you know we got people buying bricks of ammunition, threatening revolution in support of a deadbeat, racist rancher, and pissing on Obama toilet targets in the bathrooms of a major political event. But we aren’t racists. How dare you! Lets not forget the Old South Democrats and how they changed the party of Lincoln into the party of Cliven Bundy.

Well, Whitey, your day is coming due. Everything you have is built on 400 years of stolen wealth. Wealth stolen from slaves and freemen alike. Wealth stolen from every corner of the world, leaving behind extreme poverty, despots, and one hell of a lot of animosity from Mississippi to Arizona.

But what does it mean to say, Whitey’s day is coming? Will he be beaten, robbed, and lynched? Will he ever have to avert his eyes and cross the street when a black woman approaches or risk being murdered? Will he ever be denied a job, a home, a loan, a seat at the table, a voice in the government? No. All that has happened is that a black man was elected president. Nothing else has changed. They have to do a few things they have never had to do, share a little, respect a little, and listen.

And BTW, Obama hasn’t done anything, other than help millions of poor white folks get jobs and access to healthcare, unless their righty-tighty politicians talked them out of it. So, here we are, the climate is getting ready to go into unknown territory and these guys are pissing on Obama and threatening armed insurrection. That’s just fucking awesome. And now, the racists are the ones who have the audacity to point this shit out.

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