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I appreciate that you and others feel that your values have been under attack during and after the referendum campaign, but for many of us Leavers, our values have been under attack for as long as we can remember.

For example, for choosing to identify as British (instead of a broader European identity) we have for years been dismissed as parochial Little Englanders. For not relying entirely on ‘expert’ opinion and factoring our own knowledge and life experiences into our decision to vote Leave, we’re anti-intellectual morons. For believing the EU to be unreformable and thus wanting out, for not believing that mass immigration has been an unmitigated blessing … you get the picture. Seeing the usual suspects continuing in the same vein after their referendum defeat and holding out hopes of ultimately reversing the result does not motivate one to reach out, especially when this is the first significant victory in decades for many within the Leave cohort.

Of course, not all Remainers do this and if more Remain voices were like yours the extremists on my side would hold less sway. I favour a (temporary) EFTA-EEA settlement not only because it provides an economically neutral Brexit, but also as a concession to the 48% and as a way to heal a bitter divide in British political life. Let’s hope to see conciliatory pieces like this from the hardline Brexiteers in the near future.

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